Cohutta First Baptist
​​103 King Street  Cohutta, Georgia

Cohutta First with history

Cohutta First Baptist Church has been on a long, strong and colorful journey.  The church was organized the first Sunday in April 1906.  Being serious about its ties to the community and other churches, Cohutta First Baptist united with the North Georgia Baptist Association in September 1906. 

The church views its 100 year history as a monumental achievement, and recognizes that those inspired and spiritual persons who began Cohutta First Baptist Church in 1906 have had an impact on many souls over the years.

OLD CHURCH (1922-1972).  This photo was taken around 1930.  The men in front of the church are (left to right) Rev. W.M. Kelley, Tom Cooper and Earl Copeland.                             

Cohutta, Georgia is located in the Northwest area of Whitfield County, about 20 minutes from three nearby cities - Dalton, Georgia, Cleveland, Tennessee and Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Cohutta was first established in the mid 1840's as a railroad junction of the Chattanooga and Cleveland branches of the East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Railroad.  Only two families were living in Cohutta at the time.  Eventually, lots were sold and homes built.  Along came churches, schools, a post office, businesses, and even a jail was built in 1886.  Cohutta was incorporated in 1969.

For many years the church remained a part time church with services Saturday morning and Sunday morning.  About the time of World War I, it changed to two Sunday services.  In 1922, the church called its first half time pastor, splitting the services with another Baptist church.  This continued until 1946 when the first full time pastor was called.

Remodeling was done to the church sanctuary in early 2006.  A new chandelier now hangs in the foyer and all the bathrooms have new floors.  However, the leading change was made to the sanctuary.  A new ceiling and ceiling lights have given not only better lighting for the choir, but improved acoustics overall as well.  Upon entering the sanctuary, members and guests are greeted with the pleasantness of rich burgundy colored carpet and the comfort of new pews with ends of beautiful finished wood. 

While every year brings development and change, our mission remains the same.  We continue to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.  From 1906 until today, we persist in our journey to look to the future with confidence and excitement, and we remain deeply committed to providing spiritual leadership for the town of Cohutta, Georgia.
Life is meant to be shared and what better way to share than to have fellowship with God's people in God's house.  Like our founding fathers, we will carry on the journey with purpose - the purpose of praising, sharing and honoring God.

From "Cohutta First Baptist Church Heritage Book".